I spoke to Ursula and Kevin at BayCon this past weekend, and Silvercat17 and I now have access to the written scripts for most aired episodes. Hopefully this should allow us to get the text of the episodes up in a reasonable amount of effort, instead of the daunting task of listening and transcribing. Though there's a lot of backlog!

For other contributors, don't feel obliged to do transcription, maybe jump in somewhere else! Making stubs for episodes we haven't copied in is useful, cuts down the steps a bit, particularly if you can get the episode summary from hidden and/or the infobox filled in. And of course, there's the fun stuff of fleshing out the non-episode articles!

This also prompted me to think it no longer really made any sense to have pages titled "Transciption for ...", and I'm in the process of renaming the existing pages to "Episode for ...", to position them as more general purpose pages.

I've also adapted the built in wikia episode infobox template to be more relevant to HA episodes. You can see it in use in some of the early episodes already, or see the documentation at Template:Infobox_episode.

As I can (around job, a four month old, and other projects :p) I'll try to:

  • Get the title conversion complete
  • Improve documentation on the infobox template
  • Copy in the scripts. Maybe we can even get them in faster than they're written and cut down the backlog a bit!
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