• January 24th - A young milkmaid was tending to her cows when the bastard son of the Emperor of the West, injured & fleeing from a failed coup attempt, stumbled into her cow byre. He was extremely rude and so she handed him over to the first party of armed men who came by looking for a fugitive. He was executed on the spot.


  • February 11th - The birthday of Constabulus, a physician and translator who traveled extensively between the Mountain Kingdom and what would become modern-day Troyzantium. He brought texts between the two regions, and translated them into the languages used on either end. Many early texts are believed to have survived because of Constabulus’s translations. He worked primarily with medical texts, but also translated several works of philosophy and several dozen light comic plays, which were apparently a special fondness of his.


  • September 8th - A volcano erupted several hundred miles from modern-day Troyzantium, burying the city of Yaddish in thousands of tons of burning ash. There were no survivors. However, the preserved condition of Yaddish had earned a place as one of the great archaeological sites of the ancient world.



  • March 5th - It is the birthday of Her Holiness, the Lioness Pope. The first female pope, she served for only a short time before being deposed in a bloody coup.
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