• Date unknownSaint Molerus stood on street corners advertising salvation, and shouting at passers-by. Eventually they killed him. It was generally agreed that this was objectively wrong, it was much more peaceful in town after that.
  • Date unknown - A battle was very nearly fought that would have changed the entire face of the continent, rearranging political borders and sweeping out a tribe that had dominated for centuries. Unfortunately, one side rather overdid it the night before and slept late with a headache. The other side stood around the battlefield for an hour before getting bored and wandering off. Historians speculate that, had the battle actually been fought, we would all speak a different language and some of us would never have been born. History does these things occasionally, and the important thing is not to become too attached to it.


  • June 13th - A naturalist, travel writer and historian—the three professions were very similar in that era—known to scholars as “N” published a volume called “On the Perils of the Sea.” Nothing is known of N’s identity, and their writings are known primarily as references in the works of other writers. Large sections of “On the Perils of the Sea” were reproduced in writings about sea monsters, however, and so we know that they described creatures “being like unto colorful birds, beaked and winged, which fly through the water and are brought forth by light.” It is unknown what N was referring to, although a compelling case has been put forward for some type of squid or cuttlefish.
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