Date Unknown

  • Date unknown - Warlord Severn was confronted by an omen of his death in the shape of a pelican holding a dead snake. The pelican circled Severn’s tent three times, then gulped the snake down. The serpent was the totemic beast of Severn’s tribe and the pelican a sacred symbol of the young Typhonian faith. Severn immediately ordered all Typhonians put to the sword and lived to a ripe old age. Death omens are notoriously unreliable.

c. 413

  • December 16th - A total eclipse terrified the peasantry. While the total eclipse only lasted some seven minutes, there was a lengthy run-up, during which time the priests of the island of Stonybirth sacrificed a goat, six chickens, several virgins, and finally the emperor.
  • ~ December 30th - Unfortunately for the priests, the eclipse was followed two weeks later by a comet, and the population of Stonybirth was not in the mood for any more shenanigans. The priests were duly sacrificed, and Stonybirth remained a pleasant place to live for several hundred more years, after which a volcano sank it into the sea.


  • November 13th - An oak tree lost a partially rotted limb. This is only significant in that the resulting scar in the bark created a perfect street map of the future city of Troyzantium, circa 1886, with the exposed heartwood forming the outline of the coast. This persisted for some weeks, until beetles got in. Attempts to find significance in this have largely failed. Sometimes strange things just happen.
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