• August 13th - The outpost of Crowdown Fell was established. At the time, this remote village marked the outermost point in the empire. It had very little strategic importance and is surrounded by trees on one side and moor covered hills on the other. Troops were stationed there more to prove a point than to do anything in particular. Today Crowdown Fell is a nature reserve, but a watchtower is maintained there, just in case.


  • Date unknown - The Monastery of Saint Crocuta sustained a barbarian assault.


  • December 18th - The town of Lowing's Ford was finally lost to the waters of Lake Jordania. The reasons for the flooding could ultimately be traced to a group of extremely efficient beaver dams. Unfortunately, by the time this was discovered the beaver ponds had eroded a great deal of hillside that would otherwise have protected the town. Heavy rains finished the process.


  • July 11th - It was on this day that a group of the small birds that walk around inside of crocodile mouths formed the Cult of the World Crocodile. The feathered priests preached that an era of plenty was upon us and the Great Maw would never close again. They were mostly eaten by a single confused crocodile, who is quoted as saying, "They always got out of the way before. I feel terrible about this."
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