• Date unknown - Saint Fenester lives. He was poacher who later converted, renounced his evil ways, and became a bishop of the Church.
  • Date unknown - St. Amelia was a nun who held off an assault by pagans by stabbing them with knitting needles. Her body count was considered extraordinary for a ninety-year-old woman, and she was memorialized as a minor warrior goddess.
  • Date unknown - The island of Stonybirth sank into the sea. Having been a volcanic island, the top simply blew off and water rushed into the resulting crater, forming a peculiar basalt-edged lagoon. The resulting cloud of steam could be seen from the mainland. The inhabitants had plenty of warning and had mostly moved away, except for that one guy, because there’s always one.
  • Date unknown - The "New House" was initially built.
  • Date unknown - The island kingdom of Ortan was given to the Holy Troyzantine Empire as part of a cease-fire. Ortan was not terribly pleased by this.


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