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Welcome to the The Hidden Almanac Wiki

The Hidden Almanac with Reverend Mord is a podcast about Echo Harbor, the unnamed City, neighboring locations, and their history and people. It is also about gardening.

It is produced by Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney. This wiki is meant for transcriptions, chronology, and cross-references. Be Safe, and Stay Out of Trouble.

How to Help

Feel free to dive in and help proof the transcripts, format the episodes, and add links. Or see the forum for specific things to do. Pointing out references both to Ursula Vernon's other work and to real world references are appreciated. Also, editors please remove nonsense comments as you see them. Comments roleplaying in the world are allowed and encouraged.

If you make a major change (formatting, recategorization, etc), please make a note in the Watercooler forum so we can keep track of whys and wherefores. Thanks.

Note: The Hidden Almanac is a fiction podcast. The general tone of the wiki is that we are cataloging a record of real places and things that we don't have a history with around here, but feel free to add out of character notes or comments to pages (especially saints) that need it.


There is a Google Calendar for Feast Days! See the Saints' Feast Days page for more info!

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