• Need a garden Yeti? Rent-A-Yeti has all kinds, from Abominable to Quite Pleasant. This month’s special is Skunk Apes, perfect for tilling those hard to reach spots and tearing up any old fencing you may not want any more. Call now, and receive 20% off! (Episode 57)
  • It’s not spring yet, but our garden yetis are still available, at deep discounts! If you lost any trees in the recent ice storms, a garden yeti may be just what you need! Call now! (Episode 213)
  • Think that summer is too hot for yeti? You’re absolutely right! Most yetis would roast in their fur in this weather! But fortunately, we stock only the finest skunk apes, bred for southern heat, and are happy to rent them to gardeners in desperate need of a yeti. Contact Rent-a-Yeti today! (Episode 271)
  • We are issuing a recall for the hot-weather skunk apes. If you rented a skunk ape for the garden in the last month, please contact us immediately. These skunk apes are not violent, but their scent glands have not been removed and the odor can cause vomiting, dizziness, fainting and explosion. (Episode 289)
  • Offering cold-weather garden abominable snowmen for the winter season. Reserve your garden yeti today! (Episode 360)
  • Our new line of garden yetis are all lined up and ready to help in your garden. Reserve your yeti today! (Episode 556)
  • Also brought to you by Rent-A-Yeti. Summer weeds got you down? Our Garden Yetis are ready and able to help with all your weeding. Just point our trained skunk ape in the direction of plants that you want removed and watch them disappear. (Episode 754)



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