Pastor Drom is a cheery miracle worker who lectures at the Ravencoast School of Divinity with Reverend Mord. She occasionally fills in when Reverend Mord is unable to broadcast, and once in the case of his being on fire.[1] Pastor Drom frequently finds the historical events distressing and glosses over the more distressing details.

Pastor Drom is also the author of several erotic self-help books, which are published through Scarlet Wombat Publishing. It is from the proceeds of these books, that she was able to buy the community radio station that broadcasts The Hidden Almanac, when she failed to produce a miracle to end the changes in station format in 2014.

It was revealed that at some point Pastor Drom will be sainted, and her Feast Day will be September 7. Details of her sainthood and martyrdom have not been uncovered yet, but we know she is represented as a middle-aged woman in rainbow vestments.

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