Decorative Plants:

  • Zucchini: (Episode 1) If you made the mistake of planting more than one zucchini plant, consider donating the excess to a food bank. If the local food bank has dogs and guns in place to keep away zucchini donations, this might be a good time to bury them in the woods. Just be sure to dig the hole more than three feet deep to avoid having the zucchini rise from the grave and terrorize innocent bystanders. (Episode 3) Excess zucchini may also be used to make a zucchini pipe organ by chopping them into lengths and hollowing out the middles. This may use up to 40 pounds of zucchini. (Episode 4) A deer fence is one effective way of discouraging deer and may be made out of zucchini. (Episode 6) Why not try a zucchini-tini? Peel one small tender zucchini, if you can find one smaller than a baseball bat, and puree it in a food processor or blender. Add equal parts puree and vodka to a martini glass and garnish with a slice of squash. Then throw the whole mess over the fence. 99

Non-Food Plants

Animals/Insects Mentioned


Sample layout for a possible In the Garden reformat:

Edible Plants Decorative Plants Weeds Wildlife/ Animals Issues/ Techniques

Beans, harvest (001)

Cowpea, Red Fine (153)

Cucumbers, end of harvest (152, 154)

Hot Peppers;

  • exceedingly hot, ripening (308)
  • habenero, ripening (154)
  • Echo Harbor Silent Loathing (154)

Tomatillos, harvest (001)

Tomatos, harvest (001)

Zucchini; harvest (001), uses for excess (001)

Amaranth (153)

Aster, blue wood (308)

Mums, too early to plant (153)

Seashore Mallow (152)

Stiltgrass, sprouting (306) Butterflies;
  • Pipevine Swallowtail, cocoons (306)


Turkeys, wild (306)

Fall Gardens, planning (152), planting (158)

Second sample reformat:

Edible Plants:

  • Beans, harvest (001)
  • Cantaloupe: ripeness (002); varieties, Southern Beauty and Indigo Queen (002)
  • Tomatillos, harvest (001)
  • Tomatos, harvest (001)
  • Zucchini; harvest (001), uses for excess (001)
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