• Remember, cookie orders are coming! Get your Pungent Crunchies and Herb Thin orders ready! (Episode 41)
  • If you see little girls out after dark next week carrying torches, do not be alarmed.  We are earning our Mob Rule merit badge, and request your kind indulgence.  Contact the Garlic Scout Leaders for more information on how you can be a part of this exciting program. (Episode 50)
  • The Garlic cookies are in! Visit a Garlic Scout stand near you for all your favorites. Stinky mints, Onion crunchies, and Ramperdoodles. (Episode 71)
  • If you see Garlic Scouts running on your rooftop tonight, do not be alarmed. They are earning their parkour merit badge and ask for your support and patience during this time. (Episode 147)
  • It’s time for the annual Waffle Fight! Sign up today to sponsor a waffle in a syrup-soaked battle to the death against other waffles! The loser will be eaten! The victor will also be eaten, so that we may take its strength for ourselves! All proceeds go to charity. (Episode 181)
  • We’re earning our applied chronomancy badges! If time should hiccup briefly, do not be alarmed! Why not purchase some delicious Garlic Scout cookies to nibble on while history repeats itself around you? (Episode 221)
  • The cookies are here. If you did not pre-order, the cage matches for the remaining boxes will be held behind the Scout Lodge at midnight on Wednesday. Winner gets Garlic Crunchies! (Episode 239)


Located in Troyzantium


Also maintains the Joseph Ilex Memorial Bluebird Trail.

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