The Hidden Almanac came to the Cannibalfly Priesthood's attention when they felt slighted by Reverend Mord's description of them as assassins.

Taglines Edit

  • It is slanderous to dismiss us as mere assassins. The Red-Handed Ones are far more. We could unmake all that stand before us, but we do not wish to draw attention. (Episode 292)
  • We do not forget the insults done to us1. (Episode 296)
  • We got you an ant. The other person’s note was on top of our ant. We will unmake them after we are done with you. We do not forget. (Episode 297)
  • We are lulling you into a false sense of security. Then we shall strike. P.S. We have left you a bee. (Episode 302)
  • Which is holding a bake sale in order to…(sigh)…raise money to continue buying advertising spots on this program so that they may continue to wage their campaign of horror against me. Their bake sale will be at the corner of High Street, under the Kingfisher Bridge, and they promise brownies and small insects. (Episode 303)
  • We are also very alarming. We could impale things if we wanted to. We have left you a grasshopper. It was a very large grasshopper, but our priests did not break a sweat. You should be frightened. We will need the grasshopper back so that we can have it stuffed for our trophy collection. (Episode 308)
  • We left a bug in the Crow Food. Be afraid. We can strike at any time. With bugs. (Episode 319)
  • And there is a note. There is always a note. They have cut it out of magazine letters, which seems excessive, given that I know who it is already. It says that this will happen to me unless I mand my ways. Mend. I believe they mean mend. They have used the wrong letter. And there is an arrow pointing to a very small dot on the page, which…ah…I suspect it is a severed head of some very small insect, but I do not have a magnifying glass. (Episode 324)
  • You have been enrolled in our annual gift exchange. Please bring an insect head worth approximately twenty-five dollars. Heads will be exchanged on December 23. (Episode 348)
  • We have not forgotten. Oh, no. We do not forget. We have slain the winter moth that you were probably saving for yourself. We strike without warning! Muahahahaha. (Please read Muahahaha on air. Thank you. The Cannibalfly Priesthood.) (Episode 376)
  • We are not writing Priest plus Reverend Mord on our notebooks. That is slander. We aren’t. We don’t even like him. P.S. Did you get the earwig we sent you? It was a very good earwig. (Episode 379)
  • We are much more evil than that. We have refined wickedness to a high art. Did you get our letter? (Episode 410)
  • We tried to leave you a butterfly, but it overpowered us. It was fierce. We were not frightened and beat an orderly retreat. We shall battle it another day.  (Episode 423)
  • We have not forgotten you. We are preparing something special. Something that will fill you with unspeakable dread. It will be unspeakable. Also, there is a very scary daddy-long-legs by the front door. You should remove it. It is looking at us funny. (Episode 436)
  • We are here. We did not miss you. Not at all. We assume you were hiding from our terrible strength. We have brought you an ant. (Episode 484)
  • It is cold and there are only a few moths. Moths are very fierce. We almost caught one but it got away. We were not scared, however. Here is some dust from the moth so that you know how serious we are. (Episode 501)
  • To remind you of our unceasing vengeance, we have brought you a meal moth. We know it isn’t much, but it’s what’s available at this time of year. Also, you have a thing on your head. (Episode 521)
  • Please stop your friend. We were  hunting an extremely fierce beetle when she startled us. We mean it. The beetle was startled. We were not startled. We are dangerous foes. (Episode 532)
  • We have assembled a great feast of the winter-slain, and arranged it in grisly fashion. Remember us. Fear us. (Episode 542)
  • We are soggy and do not like this weather. Insects are not flying. It is unacceptable. (Episode 560)
  • We are here. We do not forget. We attempted to kill a millipede but it proved too mighty with its treacherous array of legs. When we have slain the millipede you will know to fear us properly. (Episode 753 )

Notes Edit

1 Left a dead carpenter bee for Mord.

In Episode for 2016-02-22, they didn't need to purchase a radio spot because Pastor Drom had disabled the station's wards. They left a bunch of headless fruit flies, their heads on tiny pikes, with the legs used to spell out (in cursive) "We will not be ignored!"

In Episode for 2016-08-08, they sent an ant through the mail.

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