• At last, a candidate who is not beholden to any party, nor any god. Bob hungers…for justice. (Episode 363)
  • Do not listen to the promises of other candidates. What do they know of the eternal judgment of the grave? Their knowledge is of the living world only. Remember, Bob hungers…for justice. (Episode 366)
  • Bob is a giant squirming collective maggot inhabited by the mind of an undead used car salesmen. Nevertheless, we do not discriminate in this country, so…vote your conscience, listeners. (Episode 371)
  • There is still time before November. So...much….time…. (Episode 399)
  • The election is heating up, but there’s only one candidate to trust. And then there’s Bob. (Episode 414)
  • Only one candidate has a brain bigger than a walnut. Who will you vote for? (Episode 426)
  • Bob used to be a mammal. Mammals should stick together. Not like birds. Birds are not to be trusted. Birds want to take our jobs. Vote Bob! He’s for the mammals. (Episode 428)
  • Not justiciar, your mind control powers don’t work on me, I will not be silenced. Also, Phil’s chicken has been involved in questionable business deals. Vote Bob! (Episode 474)
  • Can we trust Phil’s chicken? What do chickens know about representing the interests of people? When you get to the ballot box, vote for the only candidate who was once a mammal! (Episode 485)
  • My opponent takes bribes. Can you trust a judge who can be bought with thirty pieces of grain? Vote Bob. The dead cannot be bought. (Episode 486)


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