• For the best in gently used and nearly new vehicles. You can rely on Bob's. (Episode 1)
  • Bob's Discount Car Lot, Which Is Totally Better Than Steve's Used Cars. For the finest gently used and nearly new cars, visit Bob's Discount Car Lot. We'll make you a deal and best of all, there's absolutely no chance of encountering Steve. (Episode 4)
  • Where we pride ourselves on quality customer service. If you're not happy, we're not happy, not like that human vulture, Steve. (Episode 6)
  • Bob's motto is "I'm gonna hunt you down, Steve, and when I find you, I'll pull your guts out through your nose." Bob's Discount Cars! (Episode 10)
  • Bob has returned from the grave, bearing an unholy thirst for vengeance and low, low prices. “You should have known, Steve, that death could not contain me!” Dealer financing available. Look for Bob wherever Steve is hiding. (Episode 15)
  • Come. Come to Bob’s. Come to the dark hole in the pit on the site that used to be Bob’s. There is no longer a hybrid dealer to trouble you. Come. Bob... hungers... for bargains. (Episode 36)
  • Bob’s Revenant Cars. They’re not used, they have risen from the grave and are ready to live again. Arrange a test drive now and see the difference. Once you drive a revenant car you’ll never buy new again, among other things. (Episode 76)
  • Come closer. We have reasonably priced Civics. (Episode 100)
  • Bob wishes all listeners another year of health. Bob hungers...for festivities. (Episode 350)
  • Bob has returned to what he knows best…bargains. Come to the burned out pit behind the old hybrid lot and see what Bob can do to you! Bob hungers…for bargains. (Episode 524)


Claims not to be the same Bob as the Bob that runs Bob's House of Discount Stigmata. We have our doubts.

It is also called Bob's Discount Car Lot, Bob’s Used Cars and Bob’s Revenant Cars.


The third episode begins the rivalry between Bob's and Steve's Used Cars. It should be noted, Steve shot first, but it appears that Bob got the last laugh.

Appears to have engaged in mutually assured destruction with Steve's Used Cars as of Episode 11 with Ethan's Hybrid Car Dealership being built on both lots, at least until Episode 36.

Bob and Phil's chicken participated in a debate hosted by Reverend Mord during their run for District Court Judge. (Episodes 433-434)

Out of Character

The name (and that of Bob's House of Discount Stigmata) was probably influenced by Ursula Vernon's habit of naming everything Bob, like Thrush-Bob and Craw-Bob. We could probably make a page with just a list of things Ursula has named Bob.

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