• Nobody bleeds like Bob's. (Episode 2)
  • It’s a different Bob. No flesh eating revenants here. None what-so-ever. Nope. Visit Bob’s for your free sample stigmata today which absolutely, positively, will not cause you hunger eternally for used cars. Definitely not. Bob’s Discount Stigmata - It’s a different Bob. (Episode 84)


Claims not to be the same Bob as the Bob that runs Bob's Used Car Lot. We have our doubts. Per episode 128, I think it's safe to say this is not a different Bob.

Out of Character

The name (and that of Bob's Used Car Lot) was probably influenced by Ursula Vernon's habit of naming everything Bob, like Thrush-Bob and Craw-Bob. We could probably make a page with just a list of things Ursula has named Bob.

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